Heat pumps are an efficient way to heat and cool your house. To keep you cool in the summer, they remove hot air from your home, and to keep you warm in the winter, they bring hot air from outside or underground into your home. Just like any other machine, they can develop problems that prevent them from working efficiently, though. In this short guide, we will go over some of the most common problems with heat pumps and how a professional HVAC technician can fix them.

Heat Pump Constantly Runs

If your heat pump is running constantly, it may mean your thermostat isn’t set correctly. Other possible reasons include dirty air filters, dirty coils, broken compressor contactors, refrigerant leaks, or having the wrong-size heat pump for your home. Our technicians can diagnose the problem and perform any repairs necessary to get your heat pump working again.

Outdoor Unit Freezes

Ice can form on your heat pump’s outdoor unit in the winter. When this happens, your heat pump will go into defrost mode to remove the ice. This takes energy away from heating your home. Piles of snow can also cover it, so make sure to remove snow from around your outdoor unit. If your reverse valve isn’t working, the unit can’t defrost. This can lead to permanent damage if you don’t fix it. If the defrost timer is faulty, the heat pump will have trouble removing the ice as well.

Heat Pump Stops Working

Thermostats and dirty air filters can prevent your heat pump from turning on. Sometimes the power gets interrupted or registers are accidentally closed. The starter capacitor delivers power to your heat pump’s motor; if this isn’t working, your heat pump can’t start. You will notice a clicking sound if you have a faulty starter capacitor. It is important to let a trained professional handle these problems to prevent possible injury.

Indoor Air Handler Doesn’t Work

The air handler helps your heat pump distribute the air in your home. If you notice your outdoor unit is running but you don’t feel air coming out from your registers, it may mean the air handler isn’t working. A tripped circuit breaker, a bad wiring connection, or a blown blower motor can be the reasons for this.

Heat Pump Doesn’t Switch Modes

Your heat pump requires a reversing valve to switch between heating and cooling your home. When this valve isn’t working properly it can’t make the switch, creating an environment that’s too cold in the winter or too warm in the summer.

Heat Pump Produces Weird Smells

If you notice any weird smells coming from your heat pump, it may be caused by either mold, dead animals, or electrical issues. Animals can sometimes get inside and not get out. Built-up water can cause mold. Damaged wires or motors can cause electrical burning smells. When you smell your heat pump burning, turn the power off and schedule an inspection with one of our HVAC technicians.

Heat Pump Leaks

If you see any mold or water around your heat pump, it’s time to call in the experts to take a look. A refrigerant leak or a clogged drain line can cause this. Melting ice can be one cause of a leak as well as problems with your condensate pan.

Heat Pump Short Cycles

If you notice that your heat pump is turning on and off a lot, it may mean one of several things. Your heat pump may be too big for your home, which causes it to heat or cool too quickly. Your heat pump may also be low on refrigerant, which prevents it from completing an entire cycle, or your thermostat may not be calibrated correctly.

Heat Pump Professionals in Blandon

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